Seed Learning

Seed Learning exists to empower teachers and learners.  It is our privilege to provide tailored face-to-face PLD options, and a growing digital resource toolkit to ensure ‘any time, anywhere’, learning opportunities in literacy and numeracy.  In the LITERACY space, video lessons for learners grow knowledge about the code (how we use 26 letters to spell 43+ sounds) and about how to use language in powerful ways.  In the NUMERACY space, video tools expertly guide teachers to understand the progression of learning in Mathematics.

Just the right tools and support at just the right time.
Lisa Smith
Lisa SmithMOE Accredited Facilitator

Facilitator, Creator, Leader, Teacher, Learner

I have a passion for developing the pedagogical content knowledge teachers really need to meet the literacy learning needs of the range of individuals they have within any given class.  I am able to develop tailored PLD support for all aspects of literacy practice, with the ultimate goal being that learners become both accurate and powerful users of reading and writing.

Developing knowledge about ‘the code’ is an area of expertise for me.  New Zealand trained teachers are world-class, but we often have large gaps in understanding about the specifics of how the English language alphabetic code works.  It is essential for teaching both encoding (spelling) and decoding (reading).

Key aspects of my approach:

  • I ‘walk the talk’, modelling in classrooms.  I have experience teaching across years 1-8, including recent experience of multi-level teaching.
  • I develop learners as leaders of their own learning through excellent formative assessment practice, including the use of excellent progressions and scaffolding tools
  • I take a strengths-based approach – recognising, valuing, and building upon what is already known
  • I recognise that context matters – every school, every teacher, every learner needs a bespoke approach
  • Teaching as Inquiry guides professional learning, ensuring the specific needs of real learners drive the change
  • I value innovation and creativity – there really is no one ‘right’ way!

Drawing on my recent experience as a primary school principal, I am also able to guide leaders in developing excellent long and short term planning approaches and assessment plans, together with sustainable approaches to PLD for continuous improvement.

I welcome inquiries, and look forward to talking with you about professional learning opportunities.

Bruce Moody
Bruce MoodyMOE Accredited Facilitator

Knows Maths, Knows Learning

I have worked in Primary Schools since 2001, which means that I have a lot of experience in the teaching of maths with students from Years 1 to 8. My background is in Secondary Maths, which means I know how maths develops in the schooling system.

I get in the classroom and work with students as an essential part of how I operate in schools. If I can’t demonstrate it, why should anyone listen to my advice? I have found that teachers respond well to someone who can ‘show’, and not simply ‘tell’. So many things make more sense viewed in real situations in real time.

Teachers appreciate help with planning logical learning sequences and systems to gauge and record student progress. I have developed resources for all areas of maths to fill the gap between broad objectives and individual lessons. This also helps schools with overall planning and assessment schedules.

Observations and co-teaching iterations serve to apply these learning progressions and address pedagogical issues of how students can be more effective in learning maths. My M.Ed. in Maths and continuing academic reading keep adding to my kete of knowledge. The learning from my Te Ara Reo Māori Diploma helps too.

On this site, you will see my videos around the teaching of maths that draw upon the paragraphs above. If I am already working in your school, these will be good references. If I am not; contact me!