• The Sentence Kit has the tools you need to teach the essentials:
    • A sentence has parts, and each part DOES something
    • Sentences have MUST have parts and optional parts
    • We can BOSS sentences - Strip, Order Change, Plump, Sharpen
    Everything learners need to be able to use a variety of accurate and powerful sentences. Includes 4 sentence examples + detailed instructions for teaching.
  • The PERFECT teacher tool to support learners in step 1.  Tasks aligned with the progression of learning support the teaching of all the phonological awareness skills found on Genius Card 1. Flash Cards are also a PERFECT diagnostic tool - identify what learners can do, and determine next steps.  Tasks include recognising rhyme, creating rhyme, blending and splitting syllables, blending and splitting onset & rime, blending and splitting phonemes, isolating phonemes, and matching phonemes. This is a pack of 42 double-sided cards.
  • Interested in looking more closely at the Genius Cards?  The sample pack contains one copy each of cards 1-7, suitable for learners working across the curriculum from level 1-4.
  • A 42 page file - one page for each of the 41 common sounds and one way to spell them. The familiar images from Genius Cards 1 and 2 are used.  Print A4 or A3 for a wall display reference tool.
  • The PERFECT teacher tool to support learners in step 1 (recognising, blending, splitting, and isolating sounds) and step 2 (spelling 41 sounds one way).  This is a pack of 42 double-sided cards.  Side 1 has the familiar image and spelling match, and on the reverse a carefully chosen word set for use in blending, segmenting, isolating, and dictating.
  • A 17-page set of tools - perfectly aligned with Genius Card 3 - for supporting learners in step 3.  In this stage, learners are making sense of the big idea that the position of sounds matters.  Patterns are discovered through picture and word sorts. Also includes tools for teaching the 'use what you know' strategy.  Activities to support the learning of 19 tricky word families (rimes). Two-page teacher guidance notes included. MUST NOT BE SHARED OR DISTRIBUTED WITHOUT PERMISSION (This includes sharing with teaching colleagues).  FOR PURCHASER'S USE ONLY.